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It was great, I was able to stay at home with my daughter and run my business right out of the house. Over time, the web site was redone several times, and it was through the web site that I was discovered by people like:
---Extreme Makeover Home Edition in 2006 (where they used our Giant Round Suckers to help decorate a little girl's Candy Land bedroom). I can still remember how excited I got when I first heard their message. I couldn't believe it! I sent the Giant Suckers that they asked for, plus an arrangement of Daisy Shaped Suckers (which was placed in the parent's bedroom), and I also sent hundreds of suckers with Extreme Makeover Home Edition printed on the labels which were handed out to all the volunteers.
---I had a very large order placed for Giant Suckers and Extra Large Suckers in 2007. I was told that they would be used as props on a movie set, but I didn't find out until later that they were used in the movie, "Epic Movie".
---In 2008 I was shocked when I was contacted by Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. They used my suckers in 2 different spots in the winter issue of the magazine that year (Lobsters & Buttons), then again in the summer issue (Letters).
---In 2009 my suckers were featured in UK's Condé Nast BRIDES magazine, where they did an article on US Wedding Trends, and my suckers were pictured as popular favors (Letters).
---2009 was also the year that my suckers were pictured again in the Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine (Summer issue), when they photographed someone's wedding for the magazine, and my suckers had been ordered for that wedding reception (Hearts).
---The 2011 Fall Issue of the Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine featured my suckers again as Sheer Souvenirs (Classic Round Suckers).

When I stop to think about where my suckers have been, and who has eaten them, sometimes I just can't believe it myself. I have been so very blessed!

I have been making lollipops for over 25 years using my own unique recipe. I started making suckers when I was just 14 years old. I made them at night after I finished my homework, and the next day me and the 2 girls that lived next door to me would sell them at school. I couldn't keep enough made, everyone wanted them!

When I was about 18 years old, my Mom & I decided to approach different local businesses to see about setting up stands (which my Mom made) by the register where I could sell my suckers on consignment. At one point I had stands set up in 23 different shops, but I soon discovered that wasn't going to work. My recipe is very simple, and I do not use any preservatives, so my candy doesn't have a very long shelf life. 

Through word of mouth, I gradually started leaning more toward events. I would make suckers before holidays and sell them at craft shows or flea markets, or people would place orders for things like birthday parties or baby showers.

After I got married, it was my husband that convinced me to build a web site. It took quite a while to do, as I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and it was beyond simple, but it got the point across. I listed pictures, prices, and where you could mail your check or money order (after we rented a PO Box). And it grew from there...

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