A - Complete List

A Brain Teaser (Amaretto, Bavarian Crème, & Peach)

Abstract Blueberry (Blueberry & Lemonade)

Acapulco Dream (Coconut, Orange, & a hint of Cinnamon)

Acapulco Zombie (Grapefruit, Orange, & a hint of Crème de Menthe)

Adam’s Blues (Bavarian Crème, Coconut, & Orange)

After Dinner Cocktail (Apricot & Lime)

After Dinner Mint (Chocolate, Peach, & a little Crème de Menthe)

Agent Orange (Apple, Orange, & a hint of Pomegranate)

Aggie Banana (Banana, Bavarian Cream, & a hint of Butterscotch)

A Kiss Goodnight (Cranberry, Lemon, Lime, Raspberry, & Strawberry)

Alabama Slammer (Amaretto, a hint of Orange, & Peach)

Alamo Splash (Orange, Pineapple, and a hint of Lemon & Lime)

Alaska Cocktail (Honey, Orange, & a hint of Lemon)

Alaskan Midnight Sun (Orange & a little Honey)

Alaskan Oil Slick (Licorice, Orange, & Peppermint)

Alaskan Orange (Bavarian Crème & Tangerine)

Alaskan Thunder (Cranberry and some Peach & Raspberry)

Albemarle Fizz (Lemon & Raspberry)

Alfie Cocktail (Lemon & Pineapple)

Almost Heaven (Amaretto, Raspberry, & a hint of Cranberry & Pineapple)

Aloha Paradise (Coconut, Lemon, Lime, & Pomegranate)

Alternate Root (Orange & Root Beer) Alternate Root

Amaretto Colada (Pineapple with a little Amaretto & Coconut)

Amaretto Sombrero (Bavarian Crème & some Amaretto)

Amaretto Sunrise Crush (Orange, some Amaretto, hint of Lemon, & some Pomegranate)

Ambrosia (Apple, Champagne, & Lemon)

American Rose (Champagne, a hint of Licorice & Peach, and some Pomegranate)

Apple Blossom (Apple and a little Lemon)

Apple Daiquiri (Apple with a hint of Lime)

Apple Spice (Apple with a hint of Cinnamon)

Apple Splash (Apple, Lemon, & Lime)

Apricot Cocktail (Apricot, Lemon, & Orange)

Apricot Smoothie (Apricot, Champagne, & Orange)

A-Rang-A-Tang (Banana, Coconut, Orange, & Pineapple)

Autumn Sunset (Cherry, Cranberry, Orange, Raspberry, & Strawberry)

Combination Flavors

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