Ju-C Suckers

I - Complete List​

​Ice Breaker (Almond, Lemon, & Orange)

Ice Cream Genius (Amaretto, Bavarian Crème, & Orange)

Ice Crystals (Crème de Menthe & Lemon)

Iced Comfort (Peach & Sweet Tea)

Incredible Heart (Champagne & Tropical Punch)

Indigo Blues (Lime, Orange, and a little Pineapple)

Indubitably (Amaretto & Peach)

Irish Anti-freeze (Lemon, Lime, Strawberry, & Watermelon)

Irish Ghost (Bavarian Crème, Chocolate, Honey, & Keoke Coffee)

Irish Mint (Bavarian Crème, Chocolate, & Crème de Menthe)

Irish Pride (Amaretto, Crème de Menthe, & Lemon)

Island Breeze (Cranberry, Grapefruit, & Pineapple)

Italian Colada (Amaretto, Bavarian Crème, Coconut, & Pineapple)

Italian Dream (Amaretto, Bavarian Crème, & Chocolate)

Italian Nut (Amaretto, Coconut, Orange, & a hint of Pomegranate)

Italian Passion (Tropical Punch with a hint of Amaretto, Cherry, & Licorice)

Combination Flavors

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