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Ju-C Suckers

Each lollipop comes individually wrapped with a standard flavor & ingredient label on the back. You can choose to personalize the back label with a message, logo, or clipart of your own at no additional charge, or you can choose to get no labels at all. (NOTE: If you choose not to get a label, the flavor and ingredients will not be listed anywhere.) For personalized labels there is no limit to how much can be printed on the label, but keep in mind the more you choose the smaller the print will be. We will use either a 1" x 1" square label or a 1/2" x 1 3/4" rectangular label, whichever fits best on the shape chosen and with the personalization requested.

Slightly larger round labels are also available for an additional fee.

Font Samples:
(just examples, you are not limited to just these for options)

VerdanaTrebuchet MSTimes New RomanGeorgiaCourier NewImpact, Lucida, Allura, or Arial.

Note: If you're looking for a specific font please contact us to see if it's available.

Label Samples: